Microsys’ approaches Businesses with products and solutions from multiple dimensions, by virtue of our vast experience. This we believe is “Our Secret to Success”. Microsys products and technologies measures its success by the enthusiasm with which our Customers attest to the high quality of the enterprise, grade and support that we provide.

Choosing Microsys leads to the right technology at the core of its content architecture, for any organization. Microsys technology solutions, provides our customers, the agility to meet their goals and rapidly respond to unforseen changes. Our website will provide insights and an overview of the current products and services offered, which you would find most informative.

Our products and technology solutions deliver to create new cost saving and revenue opportunities. We constantly innovate and endeavor to meet the challenges of rapidly changing business environments.

Microsys manufactures cards for every application: Banking, Telecom, Smart Cards, Contactless Cards, Identification, Retails, Loyalty, Direct Mail and Other card applications. We offer complete filfillment services such as Chip Personalization, Embossing, Encoding, Photo Personalization, Thermal Printing, Inkjet, Indent Printing contact & contactless, card lamination and custom embedded hologram

Microsys specializes in a range of products using cutting-edge technology, using this concept, for various important applications.

Some of the applications are listed below:

1. Computer Logon control

2. Door Access control

3. Suspect Recognition System

4. Attendance Management

5. Visitors Tracking

6. Web Access Control